Sunday, August 8, 2010

New Anger Blog

Got Anger? Try The Anger Solution Blog by John Lee

If you or someone you love, care about, work with or work for has problems with anger, this informative blog is going to help and positively impact all your relationships. It is going to do so by changing how you think and feel about anger by using down-to-earth, common sense and tried and true methods.

Now you can take the tools I've been practicing and presenting for twenty-five years in the field of Anger Management and use them in your own life. I've condensed material from my 3 anger books and added insights gained from teaching, providing workshops and counseling and coaching (individuals, couples and families) into short, easy to read daily messages.

GENERAL INFO--Anger is a fact of life that affects everyone; some more than others. We all have been angry or been around those who are angry and most of us have thought that the world would be better off without this emotion. But here’s the real truth: anger is not your enemy. In fact, it can be your ally; one that can save your relationship, your job and your peace of mind.

This blog will be divided into lessons, the first is about expressing anger appropriately, which is the only way to heal relationships and create greater closeness and intimacy.

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